There have been sooo many resources and books that have helped me.  I just wanted to direct you to a few…

MDA/ALS…go the the mda website and link to the als page.…lots of good info here

ALS/…a website with info about current research and findings

Books: I read a ton – before and after Cliff went home.  I do believe that it put me “ahead of the game” as I truly desired to be healthy and whole as quickly as God would take me there.  So, here are a few suggestions: “A Grief Observed” by C.S. Lewis, the book of Psalms in the bible, “Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love” by Ray Mitsch and Lynn Brookside (one of my favorites), “In My Own Words” by Morrie Schwartz, “Experiencing Grief” by H. Norman Wright, “Tear Soup” ( I cannot remember the author and I gave this one away – shouldn’t be hard to find), “Deeper than Tears”, “Let Me Grieve but not Forever” by Verdell Davis. “Heaven is for Real” was very encouraging for me, as was “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn. I read several more not listed.  If you need any more recommendations, let me know.

Cliff and I did alot of reading about heaven and listening to dvd series about heaven.  We both knew he was headed “home” and wanted, more and more, to have a glimpse of what it might be like.

Afterwards, I did a study with a group of other women who had lost their husbands called “The God of All Comfort” by Dee Brestin.  This is also a book, as well as a study, about grief (and life) I would recommend.

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