Sometimes there is nothing you can read, no words you can hear to ease the heaviness of the sorrow, dealing with the daily losses, struggling to remember that this moment is not truly the end….
Prayer…this is so essential to all of life but is definitely necessary now. It may not always be the quiet moments of prayer (there will be those, too)…but it may also be the walk around, sometimes yelling, pull on your hair, being “flat out”, no words other than the name “Jesus” or “help me”, groaning kind of prayer. All and any communication with the Lord is important for peace, comfort, strength, etc.. For sure, be honest with God about how you feel. I was and as I did that I came, more and more, to a greater realization of His faithfulness to us both. I think I became even more aware of the reality of His love…even in my expression of disappointment or anger with Him. Some of this took more time than I wanted. But, I know, God deeply loves me. He deeply loved Cliff. He never intended for Cliff’s death to be my death, as well. He still has things for me to accomplish. I will do my best to listen to hear Him and accomplish them. Mostly, I understand more my need to just be near Him because of “the crisis”. So, for sure, PRAY…and also, find music that speaks to your soul.
Music is a tool that God uses to help ease our tension and distress. It can speak words of truth to our souls when they are most vulnerable to believing things that are not true. Here are a few songs and artists that spoke words of truth to my heart.

12 You Are For Me

02 Before the Morning

05 Blessings

11 Show Me

01 How He Loves

12 Spring Is Coming

07 Our God Is In Control

11 Jesus Will Meet You There

03 The Hurt & The Healer

08 Morning Prayer

02 Beautiful Things

06 Questions

11 Revelation Song

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