About Cliff

My husband, Cliff Williams, and I met when he was 18 and I was 16.  Love at first sight…for me.  Close to love at first sight for him : ). In nearly 32 years of marriage we lived in 15 different homes between 3 states; had 4 incredible kids together – 3 sons and one daughter (seeing the three boys married to really wonderful women and who now have five children of their own, all together) served in youth ministry as volunteer, part and full time staff for 23 years before planting (starting from scratch) a church where he was senior pastor for 7 years before being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Cliff grew up the youngest of three kids and was raised by a single mom.  He lived a rough life, a tough kid, until he gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ when he was 19.  His life was a true “turn around” story.  He began serving in the Navy at the age of 20 and it was while he was in the military that he began working with teenagers.

Cliff was the kind of man who truly did not know a stranger.  He liked, and was liked in return, by most everyone.  Cliff was a genuinely funny guy who was easy to be with.  He loved the outdoors, was a rabid sports fan, loved to play and was physically fit.  He was passionate about serving Christ, loving his family and was totally committed to his ministry and the people God allowed him to minister with and to.

When Cliff recieved confirmation of his ALS diagnosis, he made the determination to leave with no regrets…nothing left undone…nothing left unsaid. Countless hours were spent with those he loved. He wrote letters to each of his children, thier spouses, grandchildren and those grandbabies yet to be born and to me, his wife.  We were able to travel to Israel and he went skydiving the summer before he died…his legs duct taped to the instructor so that they could land on their feet.

He was committed to glorifying God in his living and, when he became terminal, in his dying.  He left a legacy worth following in life and in death, truly, to the glory of God.


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