September 5th, 2008

Well, we are on our way to Israel! Gregg and Cori initiated and planned a benefit dinner to raise funds for our whole family to go, except Brook and Avery. They are too little, still. So, they are staying with a couple different family members who love them at home. Jordan and Marci are already in Israel waiting for us. Anyway, the funds were raised and oh, my gosh! We almost can’t believe it. God and His people are so good to us and so loving. We feel blessed beyond belief.

The dinner had about 350 people in attendance. 375 tickets were sold. Chris and Gloria donated all the yummy food. My husband is very loved and I am so grateful. There were silent auction items to bid on – some were amazingly generous – trips, etc.. A car had also been donated and the couple who won it, friends of ours, didn’t need it and gave it to Chelsea. Wow!

The 3rd and 4th of Sept. Cliff and I went to the ALS clinic at Virginia Mason in Seattle. The doc there just reaffirmed what we already knew. We did have a sweet time together, though.

Now, on Friday morning, we are on the plane flying into Denver, then to Atlanta, then to Tel Aviv. To walk where Jesus walked. The thought now makes me feel weepy.

Lord Jesus, Your goodness to us is overwhelming. How many times I have thought about the many godly people who are now with you who did not have the opportunities to see the fruit of their labor or to be blessed in the way as we are? Thank You. I will not take this time for granted. Thank You, too, that we get to experience this with all our kids. Please sustain Cliff. And please allow this trip to be spiritually lifechanging for all of us. I love you.

Cliff’s condition: his tremors are throughout his body and his right hand and arm have almost no strength. It is going in his left, as well. He tires easily at the end of the day. So, we are committed to being sure that his energy bank is being used for what he loves and that he paces himself. No reserves so once the energy is gone – that’s it. I don’t think too, too much about the future – I know it will be difficult for both of us as well as our kids – but I also think it may some of the sweetest times in our life together.

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